Cryptodeepdives guide to SocialFi – A full exploration of SocialFi

SocialFi Crypto Deep Dive

A guide to SocialFi by CryptoDeepDive

A full exploration of SocialFi

Social Media is broken and ready for an evolution.

In 2019, I wrote a cornerstone article about the possibilities Blockchain can bring to Social Media.

Own your content, and earn crypto instead of likes. That was what most of my thesis was about. Get rid of the middleman, and get a more significant piece of the pie.

While I was a bit early, we’ve seen a couple of ambitious players stand up in the last years. Most implemented the two points mentioned above, but we’re seeing much more development. Nfts, creator coins, Dao’s, and others are combining forces to create a new system where content creators and curators can leverage blockchain technology to become their own brand and business.

Old Social media

And while it may seem that current social media does the same, in essence, these platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) only help you gain eyeballs and attention, but the content and advertisement revenue is still for the platform.

It’s all improving with next-gen social media, web3.0 and/or SocialFi. A lot of buzzwords for the same thing. A better Social Media experience where the creator owns their content can monetize it and gets the largest revenue share.

I’ve been lacking a bit in actively being part of this revolution, but that changes now.

I’ll dive deep into the most promising platforms in the coming weeks and months, perhaps even years.

Along the way, I’ll share important information with my readers. These will include:

  • How does the current ecosystem look like

  • What can we do on the platform

  • What developments are coming in the (near) future

  • Growth statistics, adoption, etc.

But also very important and a question I see coming by so many times:

  • How can we earn on these platforms

    • Creating content

    • Receiving crypto instead of likes

    • Curating content

    • NFTs

    • Dao’s

    • Creator coins

    • Whatever I may find during this deep research phase

  • How much can we expect to earn

  • On what platform can we earn the most


To plan this down, and all can be subject to change, I’ll share my most exciting findings a couple of times per week. These will be shorter posts that will be more specific on a particular subject.

On top of that, there will be deepdives in the platform itself, going into the nitty gritty.

I’ll convert some of the more important posts into videos and use legacy and next-gen social media to spread the word.

And since one of the most enticing aspects of SocialFi is the earnings part, I’ll update my current earnings regularly.

Tip – If this gets some attention, it might be a good idea for you big players out there to start following and appreciating the posts to lure in some new users to your preferred platform ?


SocialFi Platforms

Three platforms are standing out (for now) to me. Those are

In the first couple of weeks, I’ll share mostly what I’ve learned and how you can get started with these platforms.

However, I’ll always be looking for other potentially interesting platforms in the space.

Some that have caught my eye are:

  • Rally
  • Sapien
  • Torum
  • Only1
  • Flote
  • Tryroll

I see this journey as an opportunity in my life where I have the time to immerse myself entirely in this new sector. It has all the possibilities of becoming the next booming area of crypto and, if I do a good enough job, will also launch me as one of the early adopters.


Join me on this quest and learn something in the process. I’ll research for you and make everything concise and to the point.

As per expected, I would appreciate a follow and a like!

See you in the next update!


P.S. there is already a section with articles on Blockchain & Social Media on my site. It includes platform reviews and information on interesting upcoming companies!

Let us know what you think!