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Alpaca leveraged farming tutorial!

Decentralized finance is changing the way we interact with our financial institutions. The bankers are needed no more!We’ll create and upload videos showing you how to become independent and earn a nice passive income on the side!

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How to keep track of your BSC DeFi assets!

How to keep track of your BSC DeFi assets!

Hello everyone! In this video we'll be taking a look at 2 different DeFi dashboards for your BSC holdings. If you're ever unclear where your holdings are, this will definitely help! There is a free one and a paid one, check out which fits best for you! Follow us on...

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How To Farm Wault On Autofarm. Huge APY!

How To Farm Wault On Autofarm. Huge APY!

In this video, we’ll explain how you can create and provide liquidity to the WAULT/BNB pair on Wault, and then use the Autofarm function to auto compound your passive income!

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Blockchain & SocialMedia

Blockchain technology will revolutionize
how we use Social Media.
It enables the user to be the owner of their own content and data.

Blockchain & Automotive

The Automotive industry has
generally been lagging behind.

the first glimpses of blockchain adoption have been visible. Some brands already make it possible to earn crypto while driving.

Blockchain & RealEstate

Being able to tokenize all kinds
assets will become very apparent in the Real Estate markets. Ownership will be fractionalized, making the Real Estate market more accessible.