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Blockchain & Gaming Deep Dive

The 40+ billion dollar a year Gaming sector is in the vanguard in regards to crypto.
Games using the tech are already being played enabling a host of new opportunities. Ownership of in-game assets which can be carried over show huge potential.

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What is Exeedme?

What is Exeedme?

Exeedme makes it possibe to earn cryptocurrency simply by playing the same games you always play, by betting on your victory and winning or by engaging with the community. NFT’s included!

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What Is Axie Infinity

What Is Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has all the tools to become the Killer App that invites gamers to the blockchain world. Earning crypto while playing games might become the new standard.

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THETA: The future of video content delivery

THETA: The future of video content delivery

A company harnessing the power of blockchain technology has conjured up an ingenious method of being able to cater to future video streaming demands. The cherry on the top? Viewers will get rewarded for their stake and attention in the process

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Blockchain & Gaming

Blockchain & Gaming

The gaming industry has always been looking for new technologies to advance it’s path. Blockchain has the potential to bring gaming to the next level.

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Other Categories

Blockchain & SocialMedia

Blockchain technology will revolutionize
how we use Social Media.
It enables the user to be the owner of their own content and data.

Blockchain & Automotive

The Automotive industry has
generally been lagging behind.

the first glimpses of blockchain adoption have been visible. Some brands already make it possible to earn crypto while driving.

Blockchain & RealEstate

Being able to tokenize all kinds
assets will become very apparent in the Real Estate markets. Ownership will be fractionalized, making the Real Estate market more accessible.