An interview with Arlindo Torres: Head of Engineering at Exeedme

An interview with Arlindo Torres. Head of Engineering at Exeedme!

The gaming industry is on the brink of evolving into a more open, honest, and competitive sector where everyone can earn a living and play to earn cryptocurrencies. Exeedme is at the forefront of this transition. The team is working diligently towards a common goal: A platform where gamers from all ranks can monetize their gaming skills in various ways.

Among other things, Exeedme makes it possible to earn cryptocurrency simply by playing the same games you always play, by betting on your victory and winning, or by engaging with the community. For a full DeepDive be sure to check out our article!

The platform is currently in closed Beta (be sure to follow us on Twitter @CryptoDeepDives because we will be giving away a couple of invites!) and is in full development.

Leading the development team is Arlindo Torres, a blockchain developer with a passion for gaming, and we had the pleasure of interviewing him.

Arlindo has taken the time to tell us more about the progress the team is making, his vision about the project, and of course himself!

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Interview with Arlindo Torres

Hi Arlindo, Please tell a little bit about yourself, and how you entered the blockchain space.

Hey everyone!

I’m Arlindo Torres, Head of Engineering at Exeedme. Previously I’ve been working in the Esports industry as a professional esports analyst, and I have developed analytical software for some of the best esports teams in the world. At Exeedme, my main role is to lead the development team and develop the core features, design how gamers use our platform and make the right decisions regarding the gamers’ perspective. My ultimate goal here is to revolutionize the gaming industry.

That’s an impressive track record and a great goal! We’re told that you are somewhat of a gamer yourself as well? What kind of games did you play, and did you play at a pro-level?

I’ve been a gamer since a really young age. I started playing Counter-Strike when I was nine years old, a hobby that helped me explore new opportunities and eventually land new jobs related to Counter-Strike and Esports. I’ve played at semi-pro level, became a professional CS:GO analyst, and built many analytical software tools for the Esports ecosystem. The fact that CS:GO was the first game integrated into Exeedme just fitted perfectly. Apart from Counter-Strike, I’ve played all kinds of different games.

How is the development of Exeedme progressing? 

We have a great team that is working hard every day in the development of Exeedme. You’ll be seeing new games integrated and exciting features, including DeFi, sooner than expected.

We can’t wait for new games to launch on the platform. For now, people can decide what will be the next coming game, correct? You said you were a CSGO gamer yourself, but what games do you think will get the most traction on the Exeedme platform?

What has the most potential and has been requested a lot is League of Legends. I have already played it for a long time casually, and I’m sure it will fit well in Exeedme. Valorant would also be very interesting to have early on. What I can tell is we will be releasing more games sooner than expected.

Are there any features that your team is working on that are particularly interesting?

One of the core features that is being built up right now is Game Mining. Basically, Game Mining is available to those who stake XED. If gamers are staking XED, every time they play on our platform, they earn XED. That’s only one of the features that will be out soon, and I can tell that it will have even more interesting ways for gamers to play and earn.

Play2Earn is one the most essential pillars for the Exeedme Team, you mentioned Game mining, and of course, there will be betting available. Are there other ways that gamers will be able to earn crypto?

Staking is probably the easiest way to earn crypto in Exeedme. Also, even if you don’t play games you can earn in Exeedme, you could earn a lot just by trading our NFTs, once we launch our NFT marketplace, trading system, and so on. There’s so many things that we’re building from the ground that will be  game-changing.

Exeedme product

What are the main challenges and roadblocks at this early stage of development?

Balancing between centralization and decentralization in order to promote the best user experience. Optimizing gas costs to have the lowest fees possible. Design and develop a great NFT strategy that includes utility, scarcity, and reward systems.

You mentioned gas costs. Recently $XED has been added to the BSC. It has been a great addition for exposure and for people to buy $XED with lower fees. Are there other advantages for the team itself now it’s also on Binance Smart Chain?

The fact that we currently have our token also on Binance Smart Chain opens a lot of possibilities. BSC gas prices solve a lot of problems for us. Until Ethereum improves scaling we will be deploying a lot of features in BSC.

The $XED token has launched on Ethereum, and Exeedme plans to run on Polkadot in the future. Is this making progress harder, or does it open up new possibilities for the team?

We only have plans to migrate to Polkadot, I can’t reveal much right now, but if we end up migrating, it will make progress easier.

Exeedme Banner

Exeedme has plans to implement both NFTs and Defi. Can you tell us something about what’s coming to the platform?

We will be releasing the first DeFi features this quarter and NFT rewards in the next quarter. For DeFi what’s coming first is our staking pool. You’ll be able to stake and earn not only XED, but also many more benefits and rewards that will still be revealed. For NFTs, I can’t share yet what we got planned but it’s really exciting and innovating.

That sounds very promising, and we can’t wait to see what you guys will come up with next. There has been a flood of good news, tournaments, and new partners in the last weeks. We know everyone is looking forward to those implementations to the platform!

What is your 5 year out grand vision of the Exeedme platform?

We are here to revolutionize the gaming industry. Both gamers and developers deserve a better system, and we are here to solve it. In the pace we are in, I totally believe we will get there much sooner. Our roadmap will get more and more shaped by the community through governance. Earnings will be distributed fairly, and we will have a new environment where everyone wins. Playing games will get more immersive, more serious, and more rewarding.

Final question, are there openings for any developers that are eager to start working with you on Exeedme? If yes, where can they send their resume!

We’re always on the lookout for talented people that are interested in our project. If you’re interested in joining us, you can send your to!

There you have it folks! We hope this interview has given you insights into what’s happening behind the scenes at Exeedme, their plans for the future, and what they are working on.

As an Exeedme ambassador, we will continue to keep you updated on the teams’ progress. If you want to receive our news and articles as soon as they are released, be sure to join our newsletter!

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