A look at the Exeedme Partners

The Exeedme Beta is open for everyone! Use this link to register and receive 300 free EXE!

Exeedme and their expanding circle of partners

For a project that has only really been around for a couple of months, the number of companies that have partnered up with Exeedme is astounding. The team has been  busy connecting with different sectors and are pulling all the strings to get a decent foundation going.

In this article we’ll inform you about these partners, and we’ll sort them by specific sector. That doesn’t necessarily mean that these partners are only involved in that sector though! Some have multiple angles of cooperation with the Exeedme platform and team.

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Blockchain Technology Partners

Exeedme partners

First off, we’ll highlight the partnerships that are focused on building a top notch user experience. Building a blockchain based platform differs a lot from building a legacy platform. All nooks and bolts have to interconnect to get a truly decentralized experience.

Spider Dao

SpiderDAO will ensure that gamers get the best internet experience available due to their SpiderVPN. One of the most frustrating and game ruining experience for both the player and his team is a bad or even lost connection. SpiderVPN will connect you to a server close to the game server and helps impoving ping times. Crucial

Chain Guardians

Chainguardians is another blockchain company that focuses on the gaming and NFT market. They already developed a couple of games that have a play to earn approach so if you’re an avid gamer and want to try out some of this gamebreaking tech be sure to check out their site! Furthermore, and super important for competitive gaming, together with the Exeedme team they are investigating anti-cheat features in PvP gameplay.


Exeedme continually searches for opportunities to make the entire experience on the Exeedme platform as decentralized as possible, and with Aleph.IM they have found an excellent partner. Aleph.IM specializes on fully decentralizing apps and protocols, something that will come in very handy with the Exeedme’s NFT plans . Aleph.IM works cross-chain making it ready for future interoperability.


Anrkey also focusses on the Blockchain & Gaming industry. They developed a platform that will combine Defi, NFT’s, web 3.0 and plans to create an entirely new industry called m$sports. AnrKey and Exeedme are both members of the Defi gaming coalition and they aim to use eachothers platform and share knowledge and ideas.


Chainlink has in the last years grown into a household name in the cryptocurrency space. They are the number one oracle network and connect a plethora of blockchains with real-world data. That’s not the only reason Exeedme is partnering up with them. Their Chainlink VFR – Verifiable random function – enables Exeedme to implement true randomness in their lottery, giveaways to the most active users and other rewards for gamers.

Matic / Polygon

Next up is Matic, which was recently rebranded to Polygon. Polygon may be one of the most well-known companies that have partnered with Exeedme up till now. Their main goal is to enhance the Ethereum blockchain and improve scalability. Exeedme and Matic are both excited to strengthen the NFT infrastructure.  


DIA will be Exeedme’s oracle partner for transparent and verified prices and other data. Besides that, the teams will join forces on researching and developing custom gaming oracles.
Oracles are a cornerstone part of any DeFi project, and with DIA Exeedme has this sector covered.


Polkalokr focuses on the Escrow niche. While blockchain technology itself is decentralized and secure, token economics still rely on the team behind the project to release tokens and keep their promises. By using Polkalokr, teams can draft their escrow conditions and ensure that the entire process happens fairly!

Exeedme and Polkalokr will further develop their product so the distribution of prizes and rewards will be fully decentralized. Future tournaments and league rewards will be as transparent as possible, and winners will always receive their rewards without any interference from Exeedme or the players themselves!

With these partners, and undoubtly with more new partnerships in the coming months, It’s clear that the Exeedme team is making sure that their platform wants creates a fast, decentralized, and seemless experience. With their focus on a great connection, fair gaming experience, and a fully-fledged NFT and DeFi ecosystem Exeedme is creating the ultimate blockchain gaming platform.

The Exeedme Beta is open for everyone! Use this link to register and receive 300 free EXE!

Betting and Payments

Next up are the companies that will make it possible to use your cryptocurrencies on the Exeedme platform and, importantly, make it possible to bet on yourself or your team! Since there are many cryptocurrencies available and people have a distinct opinion on which currency they like to hold, Exeedme has partnered up with multiple payment processors to meet the requirements of a lot of crypto holders.


We start this section with BePro. BePro is a blockchain-based protocol for on-chain and off-chain better systems. One of the main unique selling points of the Exeedme platform is being able to bet on your victory. BePro’s technology is enabling this key feature on the platform, and we expect BePro to be one of the most essential strategical partners of Exeedme.


Next up is Utrust, a leading cryptocurrency payment solution that offers instant transactions and crypto-to-cash settlements for merchants. By partnering with Utrust, Exeedme will add its processing capabilities and include BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, and UTK as available crypto payments. But Utrust is more than just a payment processor for Exeedme. Nuno Correia, Utrust’s CSO, is one of Exeedme’s strategic advisors!


Elrond is another household name that has partnered with Exeedme. Elron has taken the world by storm since 2020 and recently developed Maiar, a digital wallet and payments app that uses minimal fees and has almost instant transactions. Exeedme will utilize the Maiar app, and gamers will be able to make purchases, top-ups, and subscriptions on the Exeedme platform using Maiar! The native Elrond token Egld will also be added to the payment options.


Polkamarkets is another betting-focused blockchain company that has partnered up with Exeedme, albeit different than BePro. Instead of just betting on your match, Polkamarkets makes it possible to start betting on a wide variety of outcomes. In these betting markets, you will be able to bet on your views in the eSports market. Exeedme has been appointed as the strategic advisor for Polkamarkets in this niche.


Exeedme partners

Within Exeedme, there will be many ways to start earning cryptocurrencies and make a living out of your gaming time. Exeedme calls this Play2Earn. For this to be possible Exeedme has partnered with a couple of exciting companies that help make this possible. Besides betting on yourself and winning games and in the future staking your Exeedme, Exeedme has been looking for innovative ways to earn an extra income. Exeedme is actively looking for partners that will help gamers earn extra income.

Ocean Protocol

First up is Ocean Protocol. Ocean Protocol uses the slogan: ‘Data is a new asset class,’ and Exeedme gamers will be able to sell that new asset class on the Exeedme platform. At present, we often just give our data away. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter etc. will sell our data, and we get nothing in return. There’s a reason why these platforms appear to be free. From now on, you will get rewarded if you share your data! Sharing data will be voluntary, and by using blockchain technology, your data will remain secure. Just by playing games and sharing skill metrics and gaming stats, you can earn $XED, creating another layer on the platform where you will be able to Play2Earn!


The second partner in this section is Cudos. Exeedme has partnered with Cudos to generate yet another way to earn an income on the Exeedme platform. Cudos has developed an intelligent way of harnessing the processing power of computers worldwide. In general, we don’t use all the power of our machines daily. Most of the time, we only need a fraction of the processing power available, and half the times our pc’s are just sitting idly on our desks. This is especially the case if you have a monster gaming PC. Cudos will use that processing power to mine cryptocurrencies, and, of course, you will start earning as well!  This is again a voluntary feature, but it shows that Exeedme is looking into creative ways for its users to earn an income. Whether you are playing games or are AFK, you will continue to Earn with Exeedme!


Exeedme has only been in the market since the end of 2020, but already we see a plethora of partnerships arise. It’s clear to see the strategic vision on the team with a clear focus of blockchain technology partners enabling a great experience and a solid foundation for a smooth platform, an increased focus on payment providers and betting services, and a keen eye on creating value for its users by selecting partners that can help generate income for gamers.

While only a couple of months into the project, we see the team laying the groundwork to build a service that can radically change the way we play games in the future.

We will continue to monitor the upcoming partnerships and will add them periodically in this article.

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The Exeedme Beta is open for everyone! Use this link to register and receive 300 free EXE!

Pay 10% less fees on Binance Exchange

Binance 10% less fees

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Safely store your crypto on a Ledger hardware wallet!

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