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Invest with us

Current total Marketcap of cryptocurrencies in

Tiny compared to other things

Bitcoin created by miners



out of 21 million Bitcoin are now in circulating supply

There aren’t that many Bitcoin that are now in existence or will ever be.

Now is the right time

Just had a 2 year bear market. Prices are relatively low, especially interesting altcoin 80/90% from bath. Development hasn’t stopped, projects are now showing real accomplishments etc.

We are looking forward to helping you with your investment decisions. Whether you want help with setting up your accounts, want to invest in an index, want to have recurring payments or simply want to learn what the best step is for you. We are here to help


Emerging asset class

Similar to the emergence of internet and the dot.com companies.



We just passed the halving


Money printed

in the last months alone wordlwide printed trillions of dollars, Bitcoin is limited in supply.


Still early

Although Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars, you are still early. Less then x % is invested  in Bitcoin, and a far smaller percentage has learned about other blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies in that have a bright future. You are still early.

Our mission

Crypto Deep Dive focuses on a select amount of specific verticals within the crypto space. We believe these are the markets that will have the brightest future and best integration with blockchain technology.